Can trauma and stress really be helped with therapy? - Yes, and intervention is very transformative.   What about later in life - is it ever too late? We learn throughout life!  The brain is adapting, always extending its neuron connections. We can always improve mood, functioning and life quality.

Can medications be used with alternative and so-called holistic therapies? 
Yes.  Just like diabetes where insulin is needed, a person with a psychiatric disorder may benefit from medications slong with natural therapies to improve health and mental outlook. Therapy improves outcomes.

If my daughter has lost a lot of weight to stay too thin should I interfere by suggesting she seek therapy?  - An experienced health psychologist can help a great deal.  15% of girls with anorexia die with this being the most deadly of all psychiatric diagnoses. Healthy eating habits can be sustained

Do your programs help figure out what the problem is with testing? - Yes, if requested, we can provide an analysis of attention, memory, mood, psychosis and cognitive functioning, and many other questions.

What is different about this practice? - This integrative method addresses mental, physical, and lifestyle issues in an more natural way tp prevent future problems and improve overall health and wellbeing.

I  have been diagnosed with severe mental llness or traumatic brain injury  Can I ever have a happy life?  - Yes, of course!  We have made great progress in understanding mentall illness and controlling its more debilitating symtoms and supporting all the same positive goals anyone can strive for - love, friends, activity, meaning,  self-care and health.

Can I combine medications with intergrative therapy?   Yes, definitely!
The annual number of children prescribed antipsychotic drugs jumped fivefold in the last 10 years to over 2.8 million children.

The intersection of money and medicine  has become one of the most contentious issues in health care.  In psychiatry increasing financial influence by drug companies is a concern.

However, the benefits of evolving  psycho-pharmacology are often amazing, and people can lead happier, more satisfying lives when they have good treatment.  Medications that control destructive symptoms can free a person to lead a full life. Medications can be combined with healthy lifestyle to produce the best results in a balanced treatment approach. 

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