No Matter What Severity...

There is no diagnosis too severe to be helped with Systemic Integrative Therapy. Those of us with Schizophrenia, Bipolar
Mood Disorders, Developmental Disabilities and Brain Injuries
can have a more fulfilling life when we are treated not as passive patients on medications but as unique individuals with a wide range of vocational, emotional & physical needs and interests.

Those of us with challenging medical conditions, trauma and environmental stressors need a guiding hand and support.

Self-esteem and acceptance of everyone, regardless of culture, religion, race or sexual orientation is crucial for the health of  humanity and the planet.  All have so much to contribute!

Everyone does better with an optimal health plan that integrates the best of modern medicine with nurturing life patterns, no matter what conditions we face. 

Dr. Liefland often acts as an advocate for her clients.  From treatment of major mental illness to support with stress, chronic illnes, parenting issues, legal situations, disability evaluations
and real-life challenges, Dr. Liefland is in your corner.

Dr. Liefland is a champion for patient interests!   

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Children and Playfulness are always welcome
Increased risk factors of diabetes and obesity in patients taking antipsychotic medications make it crucial to look at metabolic factors
The rate of type 2 diabetes in people diagnosed with schizophrenia is 2-4 times higher than the general population. A person on antipsychotic medications needs help with nutirtion and health.