Creative treatment plans involve more than just diagnosis and medications, although this is important when indicated. 
Dr. Liefland is well-versed in clinical assessment and has been consulted by psychiatrists, attorneys, hospitals, specialists and neurologists for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning.
But creativity involves how we approach life challenges.

Creativity is a way of thinking.  We engage our imagination, our mental energies to mobilize all our internal and external resources.  Human beings have remarkable mental powers to overcome difficulties.  We are resilient and capable of positive change.

Artistic elements have always been a part of community life. 
Music is a powerful medium for reaching people.  Our deepest yearnings and hopes can be fired by music, and if we cannot directly participate we can benefit from hearing others play and sing.  Flamenco music, for example, was a way for a persecuted people in Southern Spain to express their emotions during the Inquisition, and the audience becomes a part of the music by clapping and speaking out encouragement to the performers.

Creativity is a common part of our human heritage. 
We need to create, whether it is in cooking, gardening, music, art, design, inventing, innovating, improving ideas and products,
working with our hands or communicating with others.

Art, Music, Dance, Theater, Communication
  The Brain is Creative
  We can achieve what we can imagine
  Creative Lifestyle involves:

  • Positive thinking
  • Love and Relationships
  • Nutirtion
  • Medications when needed
  • Rest and Sleep
  • Meaning activity and work
  • Exercise
  • Touch and Communication
  • Creativity, Music, Art, Imagination
  • Spirituality and Connection
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