Nutrition, Optimal Weight & Obesity
   Make healthy choices a way of life rather than a temporary torture!    Creative patterns replace negative self-defeating ones.
   And they're fun.  Promise!

   No restrictive diet can last.  Dr. Liefland teaches a new program          that is exciting and celebrates life.  That's why it transforms                patterns of eating disorders, obesity or yo-yo dieting to a healthy        lifestyle.  Integrative therapy ensures lasting positive changes.

   Whether you are overeating or starving yourself, fighting to keep         fat off through purging and laxatives, or just want a way to stay on     a nutrition path to feel better, this program can work for you!

   Surgeries to lose weight are traumatic to the body and potentially       dangerous.  Although morbid obesity itself is dangerous to your           health, we believe that a more gentle, natural way to lose weight       should be tried first!  Patients have gone from over 500 lbs down to     a heathy weight with Dr. Liefland's guidance.

   The body reacts to restriction by slowing down the metabolism and     storing fat for time of famine.  When people eat the wrong foods         and go on roller-coaster carbohydrate rides, insulin resistance can     lead to diabetes.  Here is a program to help NOW!

   By reclaiming life-affirming nutrition and lifestyle
   your healthy weight will be maintained always.

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